Best of 2018

It was in 2012 that I started working as a wedding photographer.
Six years during which I have continued to perfect my art, discover the nature of human relationships and experienced intense moments of happiness.
Looking at all the photos taken in 2018, I realise how much you nourish me with authentic and magical moments. Sincere smiles, many laughs, complicity – and I am so lucky to have been a part of it all. Thanks to you my daily life is incredible and I am very grateful.
A short retrospective of the year 2018:
I opened the season by photographing a wedding in the Namibian desert. I still have goose bumps!
This year I had the great pleasure of seeing some of my travel photos published in magazines. An ultimate and very unexpected reward.
2018 was also the year for me to try out photography using film. A nice series taken during my travels in South Africa. It allowed me to understand photography in a totally different perspective.
At the end of the year I returned to my little paradise: Laos. While there I had the opportunity to try my hand at something new – culinary photography.
2019 promises to be a beautiful wedding season. I look forward to meeting you for some new adventures.
I leave you to discover in images a retrospective of this incredible year 2018.