New Born

Photographer Newborn in Strasbourg, Alsace-Vosges and everywhere in France since 2012.

They grow so fast...

Welcoming your new baby into the world is one of the most moving and incredible moments of your life; I seek to capture these moments and document them for you to keep forever.

The first few weeks with your newborn are such a magical time; a whirlwind of love and emotion. And they pass in the blink of an eye!

The art of photography is to freeze a moment that lasts a fraction of a second and, once on paper, it has the power to let you relive those incredible moments, to immerse you in the emotions you may have experienced at such a special time in your life. These photos will be your most precious possessions.

The newborn sessions take place at your home. It is important to me that we respect your baby's rhythm so that he feels at his best. My approach is to photograph you in your natural cocoon and capture the bond between you.

"This is your story. This is the beginning of your child's story."

Newborn sessions

The experience

The newborn sessions are done at your home so as not to disturb your baby. My photographic approach is gentle, I go at the pace of your baby. I will adapt to the baby’s needs and we will create memories together. I will capture beautiful photos of your new baby, his/her siblings and the whole family together.

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