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Dog Photographer in York, ENgland & France

Each photo tells a story of affection and complicity shared with our most faithful friends. My deep connection with animals was forged at an early age, making each photographic session a celebration of those indescribable bonds that make our lives richer.

"Behind every photo, there's a story of infinite love."

Photographing Your Dog :

Why It Matters

Because every dog and pet is unique, my photography sessions capture the individuality of your companion. From mischievous glances to tender moments, each shot is a window into your pet's soul, preserving precious moments for eternity.

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your beloved pets

Photos of our four-legged friends aren't just pictures; they're memories that stay in our hearts forever. They capture the joy, loyalty and purity that characterise our furry companions. Whether alone or in their charming company, each photo becomes a visual ode to shared love.

As a french-english nomadic dog photographer I live between 3 countries : Strasbourg in France, York in England and Thailand. I'm ready to immortalise those magical moments with your dogs and pets. Give them the timeless gift of photography that tells their unique story.

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