Elopement : get married differently

Elopement & intimate wedding photographer in Alsace, France and wherever your dreams will take us.

On the strength of my 10 years of experience as a wedding photographer, I have noticed that the organization of a "traditional" wedding can sometimes oppress the bride and groom and that is why today more and more couples are turning  to the intimate wedding, the elopement, in order to celebrate a wedding in their image and without pressure.

"Pour les amoureux passionnés à la recherche d'une expérience authentique"

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Inviting 200 guests is not your cup of tea?  Guess what? You don't have to do it this way! Many of you wrote to me to tell me how inspired you were when you realized that you could have a wedding that was truly meaningful, fun, symbolic, stress-free, and allowed you to really connect with people.

Together we will plan a day filled with things that are important to you, then I will work to tell your story around the following whether we are hiking in a remote location or escaping the rain, I want your entire day to feel real, authentic and like you.

"Photography is a powerful way to capture how you felt, the moments of joy, your connection."

So what does elopement mean?

The term is often associated with "secret, small, lonely".

Here, there are no codes to respect, it is you who decides how to compose your wedding day and especially how to celebrate it.

No need to meet the expectations that society often imposes.

The elopement is for couples who choose to focus on the authentic experience of living their wedding day wholeheartedly as they see fit. That way, years from now, you won't have to say "Oh, we should have...".

You can choose to have your wedding with just the two of you or with a few friends and family members. You can choose to travel to a place that is symbolic for your couple or a completely new destination to start your wedding on an adventurous note.

You can choose to stay in a cabin in the woods, go on a hike or a helicopter flight in the mountains to share your vows. This day is truly yours. You have control over this wedding experience you wish to have and create lasting memories.


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