BEST OF 2021


I don’t know how to start this year summary! One word could very well define this year: WHAOU!
I started the year with a lot of doubts and fears, the beginning of the year seemed to predict a very quiet wedding season but in the end not at all!

Many of you decided at the last minute to celebrate your wedding and it was with great enthusiasm that I said yes! I have done a lot of happy and sunny dance for your weddings. Photography is my passion, but beyond photographing weddings, I photograph connections between humans, Love, incredible moments of life that I witness. I feel privileged to be by your side for all these moments of life that are so important.

This year, I had a lot of requests to photograph pregnancies and newborns. Many of these sessions took place at your home for more intimacy and calm. A new approach to birth and pregnancy photography, to apprehend the natural light in your home. A challenge that I loved and I hope to continue for years to come.

I also started the Sonia baths project with Camille, an osteopath. We met at two weddings this year, and she naturally proposed me to collaborate with her to photograph these unique baths for newborns to relieve the tensions related to birth.

While wandering around France, I met women who deeply impressed me by their radical change of career, and who returned to manual work. So I decided to set up the Women Art project which is slowly taking shape.

On the personal side, some of you know my passion for travel. Unfortunately, the last two years have been very quiet. That said, I had the pleasure to finally discover the island of Beauty and even to start the GR 20! If you are a masochist like me, I invite you to go for it!

Well, 2021 is over, and I’m already looking forward to seeing you all in 2022, because I have no doubt that the magic will continue to happen.