Corsica // France

I have traveled the globe since I was young, I have seen the beauty of unseen landscapes in the 4 corners of the planet. And until now, I have never been to Corsica.
Corsica has been on my bucket list of places to visit in the world for a long time. But I never had the opportunity.
Thanks to the pandemic and the closing of the borders, (I say thanks because it’s one of the good consequences of this damn virus), I finally discovered the island of Beauty.
With a friend we went around Corsica to have a global vision of the island. Well, from my experience as a traveler, I’ve seen some beautiful things in the world, but here it’s incredible the intensity of the beauty per square kilometer.

We also took the opportunity to do some day hikes. And that’s when I discovered the GR20 sign. I told myself that I would come back to discover this GR so popular and known for its difficulty.

1 year later, in 2021, I embarked on the GR20 adventure. Visiting an island with a car and all the comforts of life is the opposite of the life of a self-sufficient traveler with only his feet and his 13kg to carry on his back.
But the difference is that I will have known the overcoming, the exit of comfort zone, landscapes that only backpackers can have access to, and even if it was one of the most difficult experiences of my life as a traveler, I come out of it grown up and proud to have succeeded! If you too are a bit of a masochist, go for it, it’s a crazy adventure waiting for you!