Day After // Island of La Réunion

October 2019 : Wedding – Island La Réunion

Mélanie & David exchanged their vows on the stunning wild island of La Réunion, a paradise location for an unforgettable wedding ceremony. They chose to fully enjoy their wedding day surrounded by their loved ones to celebrate their love. However, aware that the wedding day can be stressful and emotionally charged, they decided to opt for a “Day After” session. But what exactly is it? It’s a couple photo session where the bride and groom put on their wedding attire again.

The advantage of this session is that there is no pressure from the wedding day, allowing them to choose the location as they please.

For Mélanie & David, this dream location was the volcano’s enclosure, offering a spectacular and unique setting for their photos.

Discover in images this “Day After” in La Réunion, a session where the love and complicity of this couple shone under the tropical sun. As a wedding photographer in La Réunion, I am always delighted to capture these magical and authentic moments. Each session is a new adventure, an opportunity to tell a unique love story in breathtaking settings.

If you also dream of a wedding photo session in La Réunion, don’t hesitate to contact me to book your session. As a photographer specialized in weddings in La Réunion, I am here to capture your most beautiful moments with passion and creativity.

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