Day After // Santorini – Greece

June 2019: Santorini – Greece

It is in the heart of the Greek islands that Aurélia & Anthony have chosen to get married.
A  few days after the wedding , they decided to do a Day After photo session. Quésaco?

This is an opportunity to take photos in a relaxed atmosphere and in a place that was not possible on your wedding day.
Some places that matter to you may be very far from the city where you are celebrating your wedding, but may be very important in your personal history.

Being in Santorini, we took the time to travel across the island to find different places that were inspiring to them.
A magical afternoon, where we could enjoy the sumptuous landscapes of the island of Santorini.

“Day After”is an opportunity to spend this time together, far from the crazy day.
I am committed to making this moment just as magical, and making the photos unique.


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