Elopement Strasbourg // Alsace

What is an elopement? It is an intimate wedding, done in a discreet way, which can be directly followed by a honeymoon or be celebrated during a trip but without a big gathering.

I received an email from Anaïs who found my work by chance while searching on the internet. She told me in her email that she had fallen in love with my photos and that she was getting married in Strasbourg in the near future.
Seeing that I was traveling a lot, she was not sure if I was still based in Strasbourg and sent the email thinking that the probability that I wouldn’t be available.

Sometimes life can be magical, as on the date of their wedding, I had a last minute cancellation making me available. So, we met, exchanged a lot and we really bond.

They decided to have a small wedding. I was not only a photographer, I was also concidered as a friend who joined their wedding.

Small weddings or Elopement, require the photographer to blend into the decor and be fully present for the bride and groom. The mutual understanding must be paramount for this big day so that you feel comfortable and that your photographer can capture the essence of your couple.

If you also wish to celebrate your wedding in all intimacy, or even make an elopement, do not hesitate to contact me.