Mineral Elopement

It was in December that we reiterated the aventure with a group of artists from Alsace.

After a first success with the Boho Wedding, we decided to collaborate again to merge our skills. On a snowy and icy day,we gave ourselves an appointement in the heart of the Alsatian Vosges for a Mineral Elopement.

Silence, just the sound of the waterfall that awakens the sleeping nature. This set inspired us. We were very cold but what pleasure and satisfaction to create such a project with so many talented people.

We worked the elopement focusing on the mineral side: the gemstone table runner, the sugar crystals in the bouquet, the cupcakes and crystallized sweets echoed perfectly the surrounding rocks and the frozen atmosphere of the landscape. We opted for pastel tones, enhanced by an elegant nude touch. For the stationery, we played with transparency between mineral textures and asymmetrical calligraphy glass.

Congratulations to all the DREAM TEAM!


Video : RU2G / Art Direction, Stylism and DesignFéelicité / Florist : L’atelier Julie / Stationery and Calligraphy on glass : Callyane / Wedding cake : Lya & Syl/ Earings and Bracelet :  Lucia Fiore & Flore & Zéphyr  / Wedding Dress: Bouge pas poupée / Make-up:  Caroline de L’atelier des sens / Hair Style : Eric Hua / Hair grip & Table runner: Maison Sabben/ Minerals & Gemstones: Filétoile / Models: François Vingt-Trois et Ludivine Grosjean/ Costume: JP Costumes