Pregnancy photographer France

Two travelers who have explored the world, lived on also every continent of the planet. They decided to start their family life the valley of Munster in the Vosges.
They wanted to keep in memory this big change of their life as a couple.

The weather played a few tricks on us before we were able to do this maternity shoot.
The light was very interesting the day of our session, the sun was playing hide and seek with the clouds, which allowed me to obtain different tones of colors.

Being a big fan of Mother Nature, we were able to explore different locations for the session without traveling miles. You just have to find the right spot and observe your surroundings to get a variety of images.

It was a real coup de coeur to meet them, we were 3 nomads and 1/2 to share our atypical lives. It was a real trip on all levels.

If you also want to go on an adventure for a photo session, please contact me.