Wedding Chateau Varennes // Burgundy

It is in the magnificent domain of the Château de Varennes in Burgundy that C&N celebrated their wedding.

A Franco-American wedding where it was the occasion to gather all their relatives in this prestigious venue.
The ceremony was held in the chapel of the domain, with for master of ceremony a close friend of the couple who knew well how to choose his words to make the couple and guests laugh.

The weather is a relatively important stress factor for the bride and groom, and believe me that day, it was not ideal.
The sun is a bonus, and allows for outdoor ceremonies, and even dinner. This is what was planned for this wedding. But sometimes you have to adapt to the whims of the weather.
The most important thing is to have fun, to be surrounded by your loved ones and as you will see through this documentary, the bride and groom never stopped laughing. And that’s the most important thing of this day, to enjoy, laugh and share.
I will not hide from you that for me; not having the ideal weather for your wedding day, does not make my happiness. From my 10 years experience as a wedding photographer, we always find a plan B and the lull always comes back sooner or later.

The providers on this wedding:
Venue : Chateau de Varennes
Florist: Lilas Wood
Live Band : Coffee tone
Fireworks: Lyon lumiere