Wedding Morimont // Oberlarg

Camille & Maxime decided to celebrate their wedding over 3 days in the magnificent domain of Morimont in Oberlarg in Alsace.

On Friday, the civil wedding was celebrated at the city hall of Strasbourg then we carpooled to the Morimont to celebrate this first part of the wedding.
Saturday was the big day when all the guests were expected for a secular ceremony in the nature. A very moving ceremony where their relatives invested themselves to make a ceremony in the image of the couple.

I am really a fan of my job because it is an exceptional day where all the relatives of the bride and groom meet up and I have the happiness to observe this effusion. After 10 years of being a wedding photographer, I am still sensitive and emotional to all these acts of love. I feel that it grows with time.

Someone once made me noticed; how lucky I was to be wedding photographer as I photograph happy events of life. And yes, it really is, it allows me to escape in an enchanting parenthesis for a weekend.

At this wedding, I saw all the generations blending together. I saw people loving each other as we can find in romantic books. It was beautiful and I will keep it in my memory.

So thank you for making me dream at each of your weddings.

This wedding was orchestrated by the talented Féelicité that I can only recommend!
If you wish to have more information on my photographic approach, do not hesitate to contact me.

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