Dog photographer – York, England

Dog portrait - York, ENgland

Type of photo session

Dog portrait




York, England

Through the lens of a passionate dog photographer based in Strasbourg, Alsace, and York, England, discover a unique photo shoot featuring an adorable Yorkshire and his devoted owner. Immerse yourself in the tender and captivating world of this series of shots, capturing the unconditional love between man and his faithful companion in the heart of the forest in York.

The Reportage :

Each image bears witness to the unique complicity between animal and human, captured in the picturesque setting of Yorkshire.

Between playful games, knowing glances and tender exchanges, immerse yourself in the intimacy of this walk where nature meets the special relationship between a dog and his mistress.

Remember the bond you have with your dog

This dog photo session in York, Yorkshire, is much more than a simple reportage. It's a visual celebration of the unbreakable love between a dog and its owner, captured forever in images that captivate the heart. For unforgettable memories of your four-legged friend, immerse yourself in this photographic experience.